The Rehoboth House by the Sea is an oasis of restoration and transformation. 

Having spent over twenty years serving on the front lines in ministry and non-profit work we know the importance for those involved in Christian Ministry, Community Service and Missions to take time out to rest, reflect and revive.

The Rehoboth House by the Sea is charming 1920’s Dutch Colonial house, located 30 minutes from Boston. The house has views overlooking the bay and pristine beaches on the North Shore and is a short walk to the water.

RETREATS are offered throughout the year ONLY for individuals and groups working in Christian Ministry, Community Service and Missions. take time away from their normal routines, a few hours, a day, or week to Rest, Reflect and Revive.

RETREATS may be Self-Guided or Facilitated. We also offer additional services such as Christian Counseling, Listening Prayer, and Expressive Arts Counseling.

Retreat facilitators are trained to pray, listen, observe and customize their approach to meet your individual needs.Through a process of listening prayer, inquiry and discovery, feedback, follow-up, and accountability we offer support that enhances the skills, resources, and creativity that you already have in Christ.” 

 Retreat Services

  1. Guided and self-directed Individual and group Retreats
  2. In-person and Online.
  3. Christian Supervision and Training to open your own retreat ministry
  4. Anointed Presenters
  5. Articles, Books, Webinars and Podcasts addressing Retreat topics

Benefits of a Christian Retreat

  • Obtain clearer direction by engaging in Listening Prayer
  • Clarify and Define your goals
  • Identify and strengthen your confidence, skills, and abilities
  • Create a workable action plan to remove the roadblocks in your life
  • Rest, Relax and Revive!
  • Move from just Surviving to Thriving


    Additional Information

    This is not a B&B, we are a retreat space offering day visits and short-term boarding as per our town ordinance. We can only accommodate adults, sorry NO children. There are 4 options whether a day visitor or boarding: One bedroom on the third floor for 1-2 people, two bedrooms on the second floor for 1-2 people each with 1 1/2 shared bathrooms. There is also a renovated studio with private bathroom in the walk-in cellar for 1-3 people.
    Secure WIFI is available throughout the house, Coffee/Tea is available 24/7. Meals and snacks are self-service. You are welcome to eat in the kitchen or sunroom or on the backyard patio. No cooking but Microwave and fridge is available. No TV in rooms there is one in the main living room. NO smoking on premises or grounds.

Fees 2017

We are a non-profit Christian ministry that offers 25% off for those working in Ministry, Community Service or Missions. Any additional services are offered on a sliding fee scale for those in need. Please contact us to discuss any questions or the need for subsidy.

  1. Retreats of 1 day: $65 – 25% = $48.75 per day included self-service coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch.
  2. Retreats of 2 or more days with boarding: $120 – 25% = $90 per day includes bed/bath, self-service coffee, tea, snacks, and food.
  3. Organized Retreats depending on accommodation and length fees range – $300-$750 per day includes bed/bath, self-service coffee, tea, snacks, and food.
  4. Life Coaching fees: $70 per session
  5. Counseling  fees: $65 per session
  6. Expressive Arts Counseling: $45 per session 

Retreat Space Availability 2017    

For Booking and Availability: 857-719-2575